Past Performances

  • Phil Parisot Quartet: To The Max! (for Max Roach)

    Wednesday June 12th 2019 7PM

    Parisot has "the classic Seattle jazz pedigree." He was one of the first Garfield HS Jazz Band sensations, he lived in NYC and played with Roy Hargrove, Steve Coleman, David Gilmore, Ravi Coltrane and Antonio Hart, and when he returned to Seattle, he became a favorite sideman for straight ahead and for modernist jazz musicians. He has released two albums of his own compositions since 2016, Lingo and Creekside. Tonight his quartet will be honoring Max Roach, playing selections recorded by Roach from the 1940s through 1960s. Paul Rauch, All About Jazz says, "Parisot never seems to run out of inspired thought as a composer, or original rhythmic conception as a drummer."

    Lineup: Phil Parisot (drums), Steve Tressler (tenor sax), Dan Kramlich (piano), Clipper Anderson (bass)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Cory Weeds

    Wednesday June 5th 2019 7PM

    Each of these three musicians has played WJMAC -- but never together!
    Cory Weeds, jazz ambassador from Vancouver BC; Joe Doria, organ master;
    and Matt Jorgensen--rock solid drummer for many projects. It's going to get hot!

    Lineup: Cory Weeds (saxophones), Joe Doria (organ), Matt Jorgensen (drums)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Ron Jones and the Jazz Forest

    Wednesday May 29th 2019 7PM

    Jazz Forest taps into the roots of Jazz-- standards, straight-ahead, Be-Bop as well as influences such as pop, funk and blues. Ron Jones brings together this forest of talent-- each player a band leader on their own with extensive performing and recording credits-- and shares his nearly 40 years of composing in Hollywood for shows such as Family Guy and Star Trek:The Next Generation. Ron has numerous awards including 5 Emmy nominations, one Grammy Nomination and several ASCAP and BMI Film and TV scoring awards.

    We're in the Lucas Hicks Theatre--the big theatre in the Sylvia Center. This big band gets to spread out, we get to fill the house and enjoy!

    Lineup: Ron Jones, Music Director, Composer, Jeff Kashiwa (Alto Sax), Jared Hall (Trumpet), Travis Rainey (Tenor Sax), Dan Marcus (Trombone), Susan Pascal (Vibes), Brian Monroney (Guitar), Steve Kirk (Guitar), Bill Anschell (Piano), Nate Omdal (Bass), Matt Jorgensen (Drums), Kyle Doran (Percussion), Colt Wolff (Keyboard 2).

    Tickets at the door at 6PM. Doors open at 6:30. Lucas Hicks Theatre-- there is plenty of room--bring your friends!
    First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Thomas Harris and Greg Feingold

    Wednesday May 22nd 2019 7PM

    In the jazz tradition of experimenting with new forms, new formats, of stretching into new territory, we're excited about this new duo for the evening. Thomas Harris and Greg Feingold have played together often--at Berklee College of Music and in various NW bands--they know each other's music well, but this is their first time as a duo at WJMAC. Playing as a duo offers unique challenges as well as delightful surprises--get ready for a memorable evening with these two distinctive jazz artists.

    Lineup: Thomas Harris (tenor sax) and Greg Feingold (bass)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.

  • Greta Matassa

    Wednesday May 15th 2019 7PM

    The illustrious Ms. Matassa needs no introduction here in the PNW. She has been voted "Northwest Vocalist of the Year" by Earshot Jazz seven times in 15 years, honored with a lifetime achievement award and inducted into the Earshot Jazz Hall of Fame in 2014. We are thrilled she is here.

    Lineup: Great Matassa (vocals), Darin Clendenin (piano), Mark Ivester (drums), Alexey Nikolaev (sax), Clipper Anderson (bass)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • D’Vonne Lewis and Limited Edition

    Wednesday May 8th 2019 7PM

    Seattle’s dynamic, go-to drummer D’Vonne Lewis won the award for Outstanding Drum Soloist at the Essential Ellington competition at Jazz at Lincoln Center three years straight while in high school, in 2013 he was awarded Earshot Jazz’s Golden Ear Award, Instrumentalist of the Year. He has played WJMAC with a number of other bands, most recently with The Bill Anschell Trio. Tonight, at last, he brings his own band!

    Lineup: D'Vonne Lewis (drums), Farko Dusomov (bass), Cliff Colon (sax), Jacques Willis (vibes)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Birch Pereira and The Gin Joints

    Wednesday May 1st 2019 7PM

    In 2016 their first album, Dream Man, won Earshot Jazz Society’s "Northwest Jazz Recording of the Year" and in 2017 & 2018 Birch was nominated as "Vocalist of the Year".
    This band dares to play every style of mid-20th century American music - from swing to Americana to blues to jazz, soul and vintage rock ’n’ roll.

    Lineup: Birch Pereira (vocals, bass), Rex Gregory (sax, clarinet), Jacob Park Evans (guitar), Ray Larsen (trumpet), Adrian Van Batenburg (drums)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Bill Anschell Trio

    Wednesday April 24th 2019 7PM

    WJMAC is delighted to welcome back composer, performer, recording artist, multiple-award winner, and writer Bill Anschell. Any and every time Anschell plays here is a special, memorable evening. The unforgettable trio tonight is: Anschell (piano), Jeff Johnson (bass), and D’Vonne Lewis (drums).

    Lineup: Bill Anschell (piano), Jeff Johnson (bass), and D’Vonne Lewis (drums).

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Steve Kaldestad Quartet

    Wednesday April 17th 2019 7PM

    International performing and recording artist, Steve Kaldestad joins us from Vancouver BC
    where he is a highly in-demand sax player and is also the chair of the Jazz Program at Capilano University.
    He has played with Peter Bernstein, Mike LeDonne, the BBC Big Band and so many others.

    Lineup: Steve Kaldestad (tenor sax), Tony Foster (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Joe Poole (drums)

    Tickets at the door at 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Kevin Woods featuring Frank Russo

    Wednesday April 10th 2019 7PM

    Originally from NYC, currently living, teaching, and playing outside of Baltimore, national and international jazz artist and educator Russo (drums), joins local jazz artist and educator Kevin Woods (trumpet)
    for this one of a kind evening. Among many others, highlights of Russo’s performances include Jazz Festivals in the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, and The Kennedy Center.

    Lineup: Kevin Woods (trumpet), Steve Tressler (tenor sax), John Hansen (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Frank Russo (drums)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.

  • Cory Weeds Quartet

    Wednesday April 3rd 2019 7PM

    BC jazz ambassador Cory Weeds returns and fronts this tight, solid, inventive quartet.

    Lineup: Cory Weeds (alto), Mike Allen (tenor), Michael Glynn (bass), Matt Jorgensen (drums)

    Tickets at the door at 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Jared Hall Quartet featuring Tal Cohen

    Wednesday March 27th, 7PM

    Jared Hall returns to WJMAC with Tal Cohen whose unique piano style owes its roots to the Jewish folk songs and classical music he played in his formative years growing up in Gedera, Israel. He was the 2015 winner of the Freedman Fellowship Award and in 2014 won the Barry Harris Piano Competition in the US. His recent album 'Gentle Giants' has received overwhelming attention including a 4 star review from the acclaimed Downbeat Jazz Magazine.

    Lineup: Tal Cohen (piano), Jared Hall (trumpet), Michael Glynn (bass), John Bishop (drums)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Milo Petersen Quartet

    Wednesday March 20th, 7PM

    We are delighted to present Seattle guitarist, drummer, composer and educator Milo Petersen! In addition to playing with a wide array of amazing musicians in Seattle he has performed with some of the world's finest including: Gary Steele, Ron Eschete, Julian Priester, Joe Sample, Ernestine Anderson, Herb Ellis, Nancy King, Cedar Walton, Mose Allison, and others. He also recorded 2 CDs with
    master drummer Elvin Jones (Jones for Elvin vols.1 & 2 - Hip City Music).

    Lineup: Milo Petersen (guitar), Steve Griggs (sax), Michael Glynn (bass), and Brad Boal (drums)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Kate Olson and the KO Ensemble

    Wednesday March 13th, 7PM

    Seattle soprano sax sensation Olson has toured internationally and has played with Terry Riley, Stuart Dempster, Pauline Oliveros, Allison Miller, Bobby Previte, Skerik, Patricia Barber and pop music icons Elvis Costello, Brandi Carlile, Sir Mix-a-lot, Matt Cameron. In 2016 she was nominated for Earshot Jazz’s Best NW Instrumentalist, and the K.O. Ensemble was also nominated as best NW Alternative Group. Olson is well versed in straight ahead jazz but her “…heart beats strongest somewhere in the vicinity of minimalism, ambient electroacoustic music, and free improv….” -South Seattle Emerald. We’re excited to welcome Kate Olson and her K.O. Ensemble to WJMAC for the first time.

    Lineup: Kate Olson (soprano sax), Chris Symer (bass), Brad Gibson (drums) and Alex Guilbert (keys)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Dmitri Matheny Group

    TONIGHT 7PM Yes! The show is on! Put on your boots and come on down!

    Matheny is best known for his “Understated, masterful technique and evident joy.” —JazzNews. The protégé of Art Farmer, Matheny is a national and international touring and recording artist, educator, and winner of numerous regional and national awards--including the Earshot Jazz 2016 NW Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year-- who delights audiences with his impeccable technique and exquisite lyricism.
    Phil Elwood of the San Francisco Examiner says Matheny is, “A visionary. Matheny's flugelhorn is both hot and cool, wide of range and brilliantly imaginative.”

    Lineup: Dmitri Matheny (flugelhorn), Bill Anschell (piano), Phil Sparks (bass), Mark Ivester (drums)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Jennifer Scott & Rene Worst Quartet

    Wednesday February 27th at 7PM

    We are delighted to welcome exquisite Vancouver musicians, educators, and clinicians Scott and Worst
    who are at home on any stage, having played with Chet Baker, David Bowie, Freddie Hubbard, Ed Johnson,
    Ernestine Anderson, Joe Pass, Phoebe Snow, Clark Terry and many others.

    Lineup: Jennifer Scott (keyboard, vocals), Rene Worst, (bass), Ron Peters (guitar), Jud Sherwood (drums)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


    Wednesday February 20th at 7PM

    Fulton is ”An assured vocalist with a galvanizing presence,” according toTHE NEW YORKER. “Fulton moves effortlessly and vividly from delight, to wistfulness, to wounded angst in a matter of seconds and makes it seem completely natural, the work of a deep and insightful individual and a rare force on both the keys and the mic.” NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY. Weeds is well known not only for his expressive sax playing, but also for his a work as the Cellar Live label owner and producer who has put out well over 100 recordings. Just back from touring Italy and the UK, Fulton joins Weeds for this intimate evening of two world class jazz artists.

    Lineup: Champian Fulton (piano, vocals) and Cory Weeds (saxophones)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.



    YES! WE ARE ON FOR TONIGHT! Wednesday February 13th at 7PM

    NYC saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist and composer Nick Biello— hailed as “a brash new voice to New York’s vibrant jazz scene,” by, whose compositions and arrangements have been performed by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Dave Koz and Kelly Rowland and whose music has been televised on ABC and ESPN and heard in venues in Las Vegas, LA, NYC, and festivals around the world— teams up with esteemed Seattle trombonist David Marriott, and Portland’s Charlie Porter, the first musician ever to be awarded First Prize in the National Trumpet Competition in both jazz and classical divisions and who Wynton Marsalis refers to as, “Fiery and intelligent.” Joined by the impressive Vagabond Quartet rhythm section, this evening in the Lucas Hicks Theatre is going to be one to remember.

    Lineup: Nick Biello (saxophones), Charlie Porter (trumpet), David Marriott (trombone), Sebastian Ammann (piano), Alex Tremblay (bass), Jake Robinson (drums)

    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • 200 Trio

    Wednesday February 6th at 7PM

    Based out of Seattle, this trio met while studying at Berklee College of Music;
    they continue to honor the masters of the jazz tradition while “…constantly striving
    to write the next chapter in the lineage.” Come hear what they're up to!

    Lineup: Cole Schuster (guitar), Greg Feingold (bass), Max Holmberg (drums)


    Tickets at the door 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.


  • Mike Allen Quartet featuring Miles Black

    Wednesday January 30th 7PM

    Vancouver jazz masters Allen and Black have played together in various configurations for over twenty
    years--it is sheer delight to hear them together. On their 2017 album, “Bob’s Piano”, Ted Quinlan of
    Whole Note Magazine notes “Allen’s burnished tone and understated approach mesh perfectly with
    Black’s melodicism, the two soloing as one at times.” The evening promises to be distinctive,

    Lineup: Mike Allen (saxophones), Miles Black (piano), Jeff Johnson (bass), and Eric Eagle (drums)

    Tickets at door after 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated.
    Program subject to change.

  • Black Woods Duo

    Wednesday, January 23rd 7PM

    We are delighted to present this intriguing duo, each well known on their own,
    not often paired: Miles Black and Kevin Woods. These two Northwest jazz artists
    plan to record an album together...we'll be the first to hear what they are working on!

    Lineup: Miles Black (piano) Kevin Woods (trumpet)

    Tickets at door after 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated.
    Program subject to change.

  • Roy McCurdy with Cory Weeds

    TUESDAY January 15th

    Roy McCurdy represents more than fifty years of jazz history. His swift and fluent
    drumming has powered some of the best-loved names in jazz including Sonny Rollins,
    Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Herbie Hancock and of course, “Cannonball” Adderley.
    Weeds and McCurdy lead an all-star band of Northwest talent in celebration of
    Cannonball Adderley’s music and a newly released album. We are in the larger
    Lucas Hicks Theatre for this special event--bring your friends!

    Lineup: Roy McCurdy (drums), Cory Weeds (saxophones), Thomas Marriott (trumpet),
    Marc Seales (piano), and Michael Glynn (bass)

    Tickets at the door after 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated.
    Program subject to change.

  • Jared Hall Quintet

    Wednesday January 9th 7PM

    Trumpeter, composer, and educator Jared Hall played here in October--
    and left us all wanting more! He returns to WJMAC with new tunes for the
    new year. Get ready to be delighted.

    Lineup: Jared Hall (trumpet, flugelhorn, composition), Derek Smith (saxophones, woodwinds),
    John Hansen (piano), Greg Feingold (bass), Matt Jorgensen (drums).

    Tickets at the door after 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come first seated.
    Program subject to change.

  • Tenor Trifecta!!!

    Wednesday, January 2nd 7PM

    What happens when three authentically distinctive tenor players take the stage, accompanied
    by an absolutely first rate rhythm section? A thrilling start to the new year! Be there!

    Lineup: Mike Allen (tenor), Josh Cook (tenor), Thomas Harris (tenor), Miles Black (piano),
    Roger Yamashita (bass), Christian Casolary (drums)

    This show is sponsored by Dave McConnell and jim justice.

    Tickets at the door after 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.

  • Mark Taylor Quartet

    Wednesday December 19th at 7PM

    Mark Taylor's music is clean, soulful, riveting. This ensemble is exquisite.

    Taylor was named the “NW Jazz Instrumentalist of 2008” by Earshot Jazz Magazine, and his second album, “Spectre” (2009) was named “NW Jazz Recording of 2009” (Earshot Jazz).
    He is highly respected and in high demand here in the NW, and performs with a huge variety of artists. He has also played with Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, and Ernestine Anderson.
    We are completely delighted to welcome him to Bellingham.

    Lineup: Mark Taylor (saxophones), Gary Fukushima (piano), Jeff Johnson (bass), Eric Eagle (drums)


  • Kareem Kandi Trio

    Wednesday December 12th at 7PM

    A Pacific Northwest native, Kandi has toured the US and the world performing solid, formidable be-bop, blues, and funk--respecting the roots of jazz while also offering original compositions from his diverse musical influences, such as Middle Eastern music and hip hop, as well as straight ahead jazz. Saxophonist, educator, composer, and arranger Kandi has played with Pete Christlieb, Patti Labelle, Mark Elf, Ali Jackson, and The Temptations, to name a few, but tonight he leads this powerful trio--get here early.

    Lineup: Kareem Kandi (tenor sax), Greg Feingold (bass), Stefan Schatz (drums)


  • Kelley Johnson Quartet

    Wednesday December 5th at 7PM

    Jazz singer, lyricist, and arranger Kelley Johnson is well loved in the Northwest. She has headlined in NYC at Birdland, Jazz Standard, Tanglewood and Dizzy's Coca-Cola. Known for her warm an soulful voice, she is, according to Nina Harlan of Earshot Jazz, "...a singer who can improve on the melody while communicating the emotion of a lyric." This evening she fronts a quartet of some of the Northwest's absolute finest jazz musicians.

    Lineup: Kelley Johnson (vocals), John Hansen (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), and Phil Parisot (drums).


  • Thomas Marriott Quintet

    Wednesday November 28th 7PM

    Chris Robinson of Downbeat says, "Thomas Marriott's trumpet sound is as lush and inviting as it comes." Thomas Conrad hails Marriott as "One of the best trumpet players in the world." Prepare to launch into new territory. This band absolutely cooks.

    Lineup: Thomas Marriott (trumpet), Rick Mandyck (sax), Jeff Harper (bass), Tim Kennedy (piano), and Dominic Lecouturier (drums).

    Tickets at the door after 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.

  • Mike Allen

    Wednesday November 21st 7PM

    Mike Allen returns to WJMAC with a brand new lineup! Two saxophones played by these two alarmingly talented musicians in one band with an absolutely solid rhythm section. Each and every time Allen plays here it is a special and memorable evening filled with a delightful balance of well-loved, and newly composed jazz.

    WJMAC Student Combos will open 6:45-7:00

    Lineup: Mike Allen (saxophones), Steve Kaldestad (saxophones), Nate Parker (bass) and Christian Casolary (drums)

    Tickets sold at the door, after 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.

  • The Emmet Cohen Trio

    Wednesday November 14th

    Emmet Cohen is known as "one of his generation's pivotal figures in music..." who Christian McBride hails as " of the most dynamic young musicians on the scene today." He has won national and international competitions, but more importantly, he travels the world sharing his remarkable range and exacting artistry, playing with what Daniel Kushner of Rochester City Newspaper calls, "striking and effusive elegance."

    We move into the larger Lucas Hicks Theatre for this special evening to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience world renowned jazz pianist Emmet Cohen and his NYC-based trio live, first hand.
    Don't miss this one! Bring your friends!

    Lineup: Emmet Cohen (piano), Russell Hall (bass), and Kyle Poole (drums).

    Tickets available at the door after 6PM. Doors at 6:30. First come, first seated. Program subject to change.

  • Joe Doria and McTuff

    Wednesday November 7th 7PM

    NW-raised Doria has played with Carlos Santana, King Sunny Ade, pianist/composer Wayne Horovitz, drummers Cindy Blackman, Mat Chamberlain, Stanton Moore, saxophonist Skerik and many, many more.
    Doria has been composing and performing on the Hammond and other vintage keys/synthesizers since the 90's--Mc Tuff is one of Doria's many acclaimed projects.

    Lineup: Joe Doria (organ/keys), Cole Schuster (guitar), D'Vonne Lewis (drums).
    Lineup subject to change. First come, first seated.


  • The Naomi Moon Siegel Quintet

    Wednesday October 31st 7PM

    Lineup: We heartily welcome Naomi Moon Siegel and her quintet as we explore the expanding boundaries of jazz. Siegel received the Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Award for Emerging Artist of the Year.
    Naomi Moon Siegel (trombone, composition), Marina Albero (piano), Cameron Peace (guitar), Birch Pereira (bass), and Chris Icasiano (drums).

    Program subject to change. First come, first seated.


  • Axiom Quartet with John Hansen

    Wednesday October 24th

    Lineup: John Hansen leads this Seattle-based quartet of consummate jazz artists. Don't miss this evening!
    John Hansen (piano), Alexey Nikolaev (sax), Michael Glynn (bass) and Phil Parisot (drums, composition).

    Program subject to change. First come, first seated.


    Saturday October 20th 7:30PM

    Join us for this very special evening with legendary jazz performer and educator GEORGE GARZONE who has performed with Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Michael Brecker, Reggie Workman, Chick Corea, Lenny White, Ron Carter, Joe Lovano, and John Patitucci to name a few. He teaches at Berklee College of Music in Boston; former students include Branford Marsalis, Teadross Avery, and Lucianna Souza. Garzone has played all over the US and the world--every hot spot in NYC, Bordeaux Jazz Festival, Paris, Salzburg, Helsinki, Israel…truly a world class artist who should not be missed.
    Joining him for this evening are Roger Yamashita (bass) and Jerry Steinhilber (drums).

    "I'm not the master of the sax. George Garzone is." -Michael Brecker

    Lineup: George Garzone (tenor sax) is joined by Roger Yamashita (bass) and Jerry Steinhilber (drums).

  • Brian Dean with Kevin Woods

    Wednesday October 17th 7PM

    Lineup: We are delighted to present, for the first time, pianist, composer, and educator Brian Dean from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
    Brian Dean (piano, composition), Kevin Woods (trumpet), and Michael Glynn (bass).

    Program subject to change. First come, first seated.

  • The Bill Anschell Trio

    Wednesday October 10th 7PM

    Lineup: 2016 inductee into the Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame, pianist, composer and arranger Bill Anschell returns to WJMAC with a brilliant trio to play Anschell’s compositions as well as standards, reimagined.

    Bill Anschell (piano), Jeff Johnson (bass), and D'Vonne Lewis (drums).

    Program subject to change. First come first seated.

  • The Jared Hall Quartet

    Wednesday October 3rd 7PM

    Lineup: WJMAC enthusiastically welcomes back Jared Hall to our stage with this stellar quartet:
    Jared Hall (trumpet), John Hansen (piano), Greg Feingold (bass) and Matt Jorgensen (drums).

    "...not going gently into that good night to play cocktail jazz, this is thinking man's, sitting down hot stuff." -CHRIS SPECTOR, Midwest Record

    As always, program is subject to change. First come, first seated.

  • Arête Quartet featuring NYC guitarist Will Bernard

    Wednesday September 19th 7PM

    Lineup: NYC jazz/funk guitarist Will Bernard joins Arête Quartet for this very special performance. Multiple grammy-nominee Will Bernard has worked with luminaries Don Cherry, Tom Waits, Ben Sidran, Stanton Moore, Dr John, Charlie Hunter, Medeski/Martin/Wood and many others. He brings masterful guitar playing and several of his compositions to genre-bending Arête Quartet, teaming with Joe Doria (keyboards), Steve Jones (bass) and Joel Litwin (drums).

    As always, program is subject to change. First come, first seated.

  • Mike Allen Quartet

    Wednesday September 12th 7PM

    Lineup: We are delighted to welcome Western Canadian Music Award-winning saxophonist Mike Allen back to the WJMAC stage! He returns tonight for an evening of eloquent masterful jazz with his quartet.
    Mike Allen (tenor sax), Miles Black (piano), Paul Gabrielson (bass) and Matt Jorgensen (drums).

    As always, program is subject to change. First come, first seated.

  • Kevin Woods Quartet

    Wednesday September 5th 7PM at the Sylvia Center for the Arts

    Lineup: WJMAC Season 5 opens with trumpeter, WWU Jazz Studies Director, and composer Kevin Woods leading the Kevin Woods Quartet! Woods is joined by Thomas Harris (tenor sax), Roger Yamashita (bass) and Christian Casolary (drums) in presenting the music of the Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker Quartet.

  • Guitarist/Vocalist Adam Thomas

    Wednesday, June 27, 7 PM

    Bellingham favorite, Canadian Adam Thomas is no stranger here. Though he hasn’t been down a lot recently, his bass playing and vocals have pleased WJMAC audiences repeatedly over the last several years. This will be a great closing show for our 2017-18 season. Come help us celebrate another great year of live jazz at WJMAC.

    Lineup: Adam Thomas (bass, guitar, vocals), Band TBA


  • From NYC!!! Vincent Herring Quartet

    Wednesday, June 20, 7 PM

    The great alto and soprano saxophonist Vincent Herring returns to Bellingham leading a quartet featuring Carl Allen on drums, Yasushi Nakamura on bass, and Victor Gould on piano. The veteran leader of 20 recordings and over 250 as a sideman “has an unerring knack for merging technical command with heart-on-sleeve emotiveness.” (New Yorker, 11/6/17) Joe Lovano calls educator, producer, and drummer Carl Allen “an international powerhouse.” says Yasushi Nakamura brings an “unstoppable swing feel and hard earned versatility”, while pianist Dave Kikoski "distills the best in jazz and popular music and infuses every song with attention-getting brilliance." Clearly this is not a show to be missed.

    Lineup: Vincent Herring (alto and soprano saxophone), Dave Kikoski(piano), Yasushi Nakamura (bass), Carl Allen (drums)


  • Special Jazz Forest Show with Chuck Findley and Pete Christlieb

    Wednesday, June 13, 7 PM

    WJMAC is lucky to have Ron Jones’ 12-piece big band one last time this season. For this gig Ron has managed to add trumpeter Chuck Findley to join his fellow Tonight Show veteran tenor saxophonist Pete Christlieb and the rest of this great band. You may not know it, but you have probably heard both these guys on the radio often as they were in demand session players who helped out talents like Steely Dan and Tom Waits. You don’t get many chances to hear a band this big and this good pairing two such great musicians with some of the best NW talent, like Susan Pascal (vibes), Matt Jorgensen (drums), John Hansen (piano) and Jeff Kashiwa (alto). Each of the Jazz Forest gigs brings a little different mix of personnel, but the playing is always stellar.

    Lineup: Ron Jones (composer, arranger, conductor), Pete Christlieb (tenor sax), Chuck Findley (trumpet, flugelhorn)


  • Michael Van Bebber, Trumpeter

    Wednesday, June 6, 7 PM

    Following up on a great show in late April, Seattle-based Michael Van Bebber will return for another evening of great music. Michael repeatedly amazes us by transcribing classic albums by jazz greats he admires, then mastering the music and delivering an excellent evening of jazz.

    Lineup: Michael Van Bebber (trumpet), band TBA

  • Brad Shigeta Quartet

    Wednesday, May 30, 7 PM

    Canadian trombonist Brad Shigeta’s experience in several name big bands (Illinois Jacquet, Dave Holland, Ellington, Vince Giordano) honed his ability to swing, and he is well versed in the style of the 1920’s-30’s hot jazz. We know that’s not all he can do, however, as Brad was one of the WJMAC summer jazz camp instructors last year. Tonight he will be leading a quartet with the WJMAC house trio.

    Lineup: Brad Shigeta (trombone), John Hansen (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Harold Mabern and Terrel Stafford Together!!!

    Wednesday, May 23, 7 PM

    What a night this is going to be – the incredible Harold Mabern on piano teamed up with Terrel Stafford’s stellar trumpet playing. Separately, both of these artists have dazzled the WJMAC audiences before; we can’t wait to hear what they will do together! Considering that Terrel celebrated Lee Morgan on his wonderful recording BrotherLee Love while Harold was Morgan’s pianist, there should be a real connection here. Of course, having Cory Weeds’ tenor sax adds more spice to the mix. Michael Glynn on bass and Julian MacDonough on drums.

    Lineup: Harold Mabern (piano), Terrell Stafford (trumpet), Cory Weeds (tenor sax), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Grammy Winning Trumpeter Brian Lynch

    Wednesday, May 16, 7 PM

    “Brilliant . . . two steps ahead of the ordinary ear.” Reuters News
    “Lynch demonstrates that a dedicated, knowledgeable jazzman can play a diversity of styles with telling authenticity, and make the renditions extremely appealing to both musician and neophyte…Lynch is simply first-rate.” Zan Stewart, Downbeat

    What more needs to be said? - with 17 recordings as a leader and over 200 as a sideman with the likes of Art Blakey, Horace Silver, Eddie Palmieri, Toshiko Akiyoshi, and Phil Woods, trumpeter Brian Lynch should not be missed. The Professor of Jazz and Studio Music at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music will be supported by the WJMAC house trio of John Hansen (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), and Julian MacDonough (drums).

    Lineup: Brian Lynch (trumpet), John Hansen (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • NYC Pianist Tardo Hammer Trio

    Wednesday, May 9, 7 PM

    WJMAC has managed to score one after another great musician who has been regularly featured at Smalls’ Jazz Club in Greenwich Village. Tardo Hammer’s 162 performances there since 2007 testify to his talent on the keyboard, whether as a sideman or leading his own group. Tonight he’s bringing two of his regular cohorts, Lee Hudson on bass and Steve Williams on drums.

    Lineup: Tardo Hammer (piano), Lee Hudson (bass), Steve Williams (drums)


  • Return to the Jazz Forest

    Wednesday, May 2, 7 PM

    The creatures that inhabit the Jazz Forest are 12 highly skilled musical humans all seeking the amazing synchronicity of a polished string quartet, but with the exuberance and innovation of the greatest jazz artists. Founded by veteran Hollywood Composer, arranger, and producer Ron Jones, Jazz Forest is a vehicle of his creative imagination. After spending 37 years scoring many of the most popular TV shows, Ron returned to the Northwest not to relax but to become even more involved with music, the art and craft and with the community of musicians. This group is very special, very different from most other Jazz groups. The goal is to take the listener into an inner world that is alive with fun, alive with possibility and where music and musicians can run free. Come to the forest and let go of the normal, the predictable, the same old -same old. Come to the Forest of Jazz.

    Lineup: Ron Jones, composer and arranger, conducting a 16 piece band of great musicians, featuring Pete Christlieb on tenor sax.


  • Michael Van Bebber Quartet

    Wednesday , April 25, 7PM

    Michael was raised in Seattle, and graduated from the University of Washington before going on to earn two M.A. degrees in classical trumpet and composition at Truman State University, and a D.M.A. in Jazz Studies from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. He performed many years as a member of the renowned Eastman Jazz Ensemble, and has shared the stage with many notable jazz artists including Lee Konitz, John Pizzarelli, the Woody Herman Band, Walt Weiskopf, Chuck Mangione, Jeff Beal, Walter White, John Fedchock, Pat LaBarbara, Marvin Stamm, and Bill Dobbins. He has also appeared several times at the Rochester International Jazz Festival, in both quintet and big band settings.

    Lineup: Michael Van Bebber (trumpet) John Hansen (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)

  • From NYC! Josh Bruneau Quintet

    Wednesday , April 18, 7PM

    Trumpeter Josh Bruneau first hit the WJMAC stage in 2014 supporting one of his mentors, trombonist Steve Davis. He came back in 2016 with Eric Alexander, among others. Frequently heard at Smalls and Smoke in NYC, Josh will be leading a quintet for his third WJMAC show.

    Lineup: Josh Bruneau (trumpet), TBA

  • Bellingham’s Dixieland All Starts

    Wednesday , April 11, 7PM

    Since its inception, in 2009, the Bellingham Dixieland All Stars has strived to play the best Dixieland music in Whatcom County. Since then, the band has been swinging for dancers and listeners from Canada to Olympia. When two well-known Dixieland jazz players (Jerry Fenwick and Clive Collins) retired to Whatcom County, band leader Bob Storms, a composer of over a twelve hundred songs himself, gathered up the best players he could to build a band around their experience and expertise. Later, vocalist Mary Michaelson, and, more recently, bassist John Flancher, joined the group, which includes Mike Hobbs on banjo, Lou Lippman on piano, and Brent Storms on drums. If you like jazz, and particularly if you like Dixieland jazz, tonight WJMAC is where you want to be. Don’t miss this band! Its a great experience to hear dixieland music played well and surely all ages enjoy the music’s charm.

    Lineup: Bob Storms (reeds), Jerry Fenwick (trumpet & flugelhorn), Clive Collins (trombone), Mike Hobbs (banjo), Lou Lippman (piano), John Flancher (bass), Brent Storms (drums), Mary Michaelson (vocals)

  • Kevin Woods Quintet featuring NYC baritone sax Gary Smulyan

    Wednesday , April 4, 7PM

    Trumpeter/composer is quickly emerging as one of the most melodic and emotive voices in the Northwest. His passion for both performance and education have made him in demand as a leader and sideman as well as a composer, arranger, and clinician. Kevin is the Director of Jazz Studies at WWU, a Yamaha performing artist and clinician, and a WJMAC favorite. Tonight he will be leading a quintet featuring the great baritone saxophonist Gary Smulyan, who has not only repeatedly won both Jazz Times and Downbeat's Readers and Critics Polls, but also has six Grammies to his credit.

    Lineup: Kevin Woods (trumpet), Gary Smulyan (baritone saxophone), John Hansen (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • From NYC! Pianist Spike Wilner and his Quartet

    Wednesday , March 28, 7PM

    Jazz Pianist Spike Wilner has been performing for more than 30 years as a leader of his own groups and as a sideman to many well know artists. For the last 11 years he has been the owner and manager of Smalls Jazz Club, a beloved jazz club located in Greenwich Village and known as a center for jazz activity in the city. Mr. Wilner also operates SmallsLIVE, a digital media company responsible for live-streaming and recording all of the shows at Smalls. Mr. Wilner, besides performing is also passionately involved with jazz education and jazz cultural awareness. He has toured extensively through the world bringing a message of world-unity through music.

    With him is the highly regarded trumpet player Joe Magnarelli, who has an impressive resume of recording credits and has worked with the top names in jazz. Both bassist Paul Gill and drummer Anthony Pinciotti are longtime jazz veterans from the New York Scene. The music will be a combination of classics, standards and originals for a warm and hard swinging evening of New York City jazz.

    Lineup: Spike Wilner (piano), Joe Magnarelli (trumpet), Paul Gill (bass), Anthony Pinciotti (drums)


  • OOPS!  Change of Plans!

    Wednesday , March 21, 7PM

    Jonathan Doyle had to cancel at the last minute, but Julian managed to score a piano trio to provide you with your weekly jazz fix. Reuel Lubag is a well-established NW jazz pianist who has extensive experience with a number of jazz orchestras and artists coupled with a long resume has a music educator. WJMAC stalwart bassist, Michael Glynn is a regular member of Reuel's trio. Joel Fountain will be on drums.

    Lineup: Reuel Lubag (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Joel Fountain (drums)


  • Vancouver Tenor Steve Kaldestad Leads a Trio

    Wednesday , March 14, 7PM

    Since moving to Vancouver in 2008, Steve Kaldestad has become one of the most in-demand saxophonists on the scene, performing as a sideman with Jesse Cahill’s Nightcrawlers, Jodi Proznick’s quartet, and many other groups. Steve has released 3 CDs on the Cellar Live label to great acclaim including Straight Up featuring the Mike LeDonne Trio and the newest release, New York Afternoon with the Renee Rosnes Trio. Steve’s dynamic playing rapport with the WJMAC house bassist and drummer creates a fine groove and an enjoyable evening.

    Lineup: Steve Kaldestad (tenor sax), , Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • JLCO Trumpeter Greg Gisbert Comes to WJMAC

    Wednesday , March 7, 7PM

    Greg Gisbert is a regular member of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, but that is just one of the big name bands he has played with (Gillespie All Stars, Buddy Rich, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Buck Clayton, Woody Herman, Maria Schneider, and more). Greg has also led and recorded his own combos as well. He will be playing with Kevin Woods and the WJMAC trio.

    Lineup: Greg Gisbert (trumpet, flugelhorn), Kevin Woods (trumpet, flugelhorn), John Hansen (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Cory Weeds/Chris Davis Quintet

    Wednesday February 28, at 7 PM

    A saxophonist with an expressive sound rooted in Jazz tradition, a label owner tirelessly documenting unsung Jazz heroes, one of Canada’s most important Jazz impresarios, the hardest-working man in Jazz business – Cory Weeds is all of these things, and much more. Weeds may be best known as the founder and owner of Cory Weeds’ Cellar Jazz Club in Vancouver, which he successfully ran for more than 13 years. Weeds built the Cellar to become one of North America’s best Jazz clubs, where masters such as George Coleman, Jeff Hamilton, Louis Hayes, David “Fathead” Newman, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and the finest Jazz musicians from Vancouver and across Canada performed before it closed in February 2014. But he wasn’t just the club owner. As a saxophonist who studied at the University of North Texas and Capilano College, Weeds spent many nights on the Cellar bandstand as a leader and sideman. He held his own when performing with icons like Joey DeFrancesco and Christian McBride. Weeds has also recorded twelve albums as a leader, including: Dreamsville (with The Jeff Hamilton Trio), It’s Easy To Remember (with David Hazeltine, Joe Magnarelli, Paul Gill and Jason Tiemann) This Happy Madnes, (with The Jeff Hamilton Trio), Condition Blue, The Music Of Jackie McLean (with Peter Bernstein, Mike LeDonne, and Joe Farnsworth)., As Of Now(with the Harold Mabern Trio), Let’s Go (with Steve Davis), the Juno-nominated Up A Step(Cory Weeds Quartet), With Benefits (with Lewis Nash and Peter Washington), Just Like That(with the Tilden Webb Trio), The Many Deeds of Cory Weeds (with Joey DeFrancesco),Everything’s Coming Up Weeds (with Jim Rotondi), and Big Weeds (with Peter Bernstein, Mike LeDonne, and Joe Farnsworth).

    Vancouver, B.C. based trumpeter, engineer, and producer Chris Davis's powerful, soulful, and swingin' approach to his instrument has made him one of the most sought after musicians in Vancouver as well as one of the most recognizable voices in the Canadian music scene. His large warm tone is often compared to that of Clifford Brown - his feel to Lee Morgan's - and his power and excitement to that of Dizzy Gillespie. Some notable artists that Chris has performed or recorded with include: Joey Defrancesco, Johnny Mathis, Nikki Yanofsky, The Temptations, Mofro, The Heavy, Ian Hendrickson-Smith, Brad Turner, The Hard Rubber Orchestra, Denzal Sinclaire, Adaline, Eric Solomon, Zapato Negro and Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings.

    Lineup: Cory Weeds tenor saxophone, Chris Davis trumpet, John Hanson piano, Michael Glynn bass, Julian MacDonough drums


  • Special Show! Special Night! George Colligan, Buster Williams & Lenny White!

    SUNDAY February 25; 7:30-9 PM

    Three-time Grammy award-winning drummer Lenny White will hit the WJMAC stage with former New York-, currently Portland-based pianist George Colligan and bassist Buster Williams.

    Some will think immediately of Chick Corea’s Return to Forever when Lenny White’s name comes up. Others will hear the drums on the historic Miles Davis recording Bitches Brew. But those are just a sampling of the fabulous performances in a long career that includes playing with or producing people like Jackie McLean, Freddie Hubbard, Stan Getz, Woody Shaw, Joe Henderson, Wayne Shorter, Diane Reeves, Nancy Wilson, Wallace Roney, and too many more to name.

    “One of the best kept secrets in jazz” according to Chris Hoven (All About Jazz), George Colligan has a history that displays similarly vast experience. With over 20 recordings as a leader and well over a hundred when the sideman gigs are added, he is obviously no secret to discerning musicians, but has long been in demand for his playing and composing talents.

    Now add Buster Williams’ bass to this mix. Williams started out playing with Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt while a teenager and went on to create his own “played with” list that reads like a jazz Hall of Fame. A bandleader in his own right, including a number of recordings with Lenny White, Williams is appreciated for his “solid, dark tone and highly refined technique” (All Music).

    WJMAC jumped at the chance to get these three incredible musicians, even though it meant scheduling a special Sunday night show. You want to be there.

    Lineup: George Colligan (piano), Buster Williams (bass), Lenny White (drums)


  • Seattle Trumpeter Michael Van Bebber and Quartet

    Wednesday February 21, at 7 PM

    Michael was raised in Seattle, and graduated from the University of Washington before going on to earn two M.A. degrees in classical trumpet and composition at Truman State University, and a D.M.A. in Jazz Studies from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. He performed many years as a member of the renowned Eastman Jazz Ensemble, and has shared the stage with many notable jazz artists including Lee Konitz, John Pizzarelli, the Woody Herman Band, Walt Weiskopf, Chuck Mangione, Jeff Beal, Walter White, John Fedchock, Pat LaBarbara, Marvin Stamm, and Bill Dobbins. He has also appeared several times at the Rochester International Jazz Festival, in both quintet and big band settings.

    Lineup: Mike Van Bebber (trumpet), John Hansen (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)

  • Vocalist Taylor Zickefoose for Valentine’s Day

    Wednesday February 14, at 7 PM

    Taylor Zickefoose is a Seattle-based, international award-winning jazz vocalist. She is the first and only person to-date to have won both divisions of the Seattle-Kobe Vocal Jazz Competition. In addition to these honors, she is a multiple DownBeat Student Music Award recipient. After completing two years of music composition study at Central Washington University, Taylor was selected to study vocal jazz at the University of Music and Performance in Graz, Austria, with Dena DeRose.

    Lineup: Taylor Zickefoose (vocals), John Hansen (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)

  • Line Up! Returns with Mark Taylor leading a quartet

    Wednesday February 7, at 7 PM

    Dawn Clement and Mark Taylor started Line UP! as a vehicle to let them play with a variety of musicians they enjoy performing with and as an opportunity to display their compositional skills as well. This gig will bring a little different mix as Mark brings three compatriots to Bellingham who WJMAC fans will be pleased to hear. Bill Anschell will be replacing Dawn on the keyboards, while D'Vonne Lewis has the drum role. Michael Glynn, anchor for the WJMAC house trio, will navigate the bass lines.

    Lineup: Mark Taylor (alto sax), Bill Anshell (piano); Michael Glynn (bass), D'Vonne Lewis (drums)


  • Laila Biali Trio

    Wednesday, January 31, 7 PM

    Award-winning Canadian pianist and vocalist Laila Biali has been been garnering world-wide recognition for her music. She has performed at prestigious venues including the North Sea Jazz Festival, Tokyo's Cotton Club, and Carnegie Hall. She has toured with GRAMMY award winners Chris Botti, Paula Cole, and Suzanne Vega, and recorded with and supported international icon,Sting. She is an exciting and unique talent, and I admire her greatly. - Sting.

    Her studio recording Tracing Light received a JUNO nomination in 2011 for "Best Vocal Jazz Album of the Year" and her follow-up album Live in Concert was given an enthusiastic four-star review and named one of the "Best Albums of 2013" by Downbeat Magazine. In 2015, Laila released her first album of entirely original music, House of Many Rooms - an indi-pop project featuring Lisa Fischer (Rolling Stones, 20 Feet From Stardom, Jo Lawry (Sting, Paul Simon), Alan Hampton (Robert Glasper) and the Toronto Mass Choir. Expanding on her unique "ability to meld traditional jazz with contemporary pop so effortlessly that neither style seems out of place on the same record" (spinner Magazine), Laila is currently set to release a new album of original songs alongside covers of David Bowie, Coldplay and more.

    Lineup: Laila Biali (piano & vocals), Adam Thomas (bass), Joel fountain (drums)


  • Jen Hodge All Stars

    Wednesday, January 24, 7-9PM

    Wednesday January 24th
    $15 general, $5 members, $5 students

    Jen Hodge Allstars:
    Jenn Hodge bass and vocals, John Doyle tenor sax, Chris Davis trumpet, Josh Roberts guitar, Julian MacDonough drums

    Jennifer Hodge, a busy Vancouver-based bass player, bandleader, and arranger, is a versatile musician who can be found playing with a wide variety of artists all over the world. When Jen is leading the band, she likes it hot – hard swinging grooves, boisterous New Orleans style horns, cheeky lyrics, intriguing arrangements, plenty of spontaneous fun, and an evident, infectious love for making music. Jen’s particular expertise in the arena of traditional jazz has taken her to stages all over Canada, the USA, China, Spain, France, the UK, and the Caribbean. On home turf, Jen can be found leading a band on Wednesday nights at Guilt & Co, a bar in Vancouver’s historic Gastown district and a major hub for the city’s musical creative minds, where she has held a regular gig since January 2011.

    Lineup: Jen Hodge (bass and vocals), John Doyle (tenor sax), Chris Davis (trumpet), Josh Roberts (guitar), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Also Jan. 17: From Chicago, Organist Pete Benson and Drummer George Fludas @ Lovitt

    Wednesday, January 17, 7-9PM

    George Fludas is one of the greatest drummers ever to come out of Chicago, an impeccable swinger with imagination, class, moxie, and a clear sense of the full span of jazz tradition. (John Corbett - The Chicago Reader.) George has performed at numerous jazz venues in the U.S. such as the Jazz Showcase in Chicago, Yoshi’s in Oakland, the Blue Note, Village Vanguard, Smoke and the Jazz Standard in New York and Catalina's in Hollywood, as well as many international Jazz Festivals, including Montreal Festival du Jazz, Bern Jazz Fest in Switzerland, Glasgow and Edinburgh Jazz Fests, Vitoria Jazz Fest, San Sebastian Fest in Spain and the USS Norway Jazz Cruise. He toured Europe and Japan extensively as a member of Ray Brown's Trio, and with groups led by Hank Jones, Diana Krall, Monty Alexander, Cedar Walton and Joey Defrancesco.

    As one of Chicago's premiere Hammond B3 jazz organists, Pete Benson has been praised by renowned organ greats, Joey DeFrancesco and Chris Foreman. Many will recognize Pete as the organist in the late-night band Sabertooth, a long running staple at the legendary Green Mill Lounge. Led by saxophonists Pat Mallinger and Cameron Pfiffner, with Ted Sirota on drums, Sabertooth has been a long time after hours favorite for nearly 15 years. Pete has made a name for himself as both leader and sideman and can be seen regularly at Chicago jazz hot spots: Andy's Jazz Club, Pete Miller's Steakhouse, The Pump Room, Pops for Champagne, among a variety of other venues.

    Lineup: George Flutas (drums); Pete Benson (Hammond B3 organ); Cory Weeds (tenor sax)


  • Jan. 17:  2 different shows at 2 different locations! Jazz Forest plays the Sylvia

    Wednesday, January 17, 7-9PM

    The creatures that inhabit the Jazz Forest are 12 highly skilled musical humans all seeking the amazing synchronicity of a polished string quartet, but with the exuberance and innova- tion of the greatest jazz artists. Founded by veteran Hollywood Composer, arranger, producer Ron Jones, Jazz Forest is a vehicle of his creative imagination. After spending 37 years scoring many of the most popular TV shows, Ron returned to the Northwest not to relax but to become even more involved with music, the art and craft and with the community of musicians. This group is very special, very different from most other Jazz groups. The goal is to take the listener into an inner world that is alive with fun, alive with possibility and where music and Musicians can run free. Come to the forest and let go of the normal, the predictable, the same old -same old. Come to the Forest of Jazz.

    Lineup: A dozen skilled musicians, featuring tenor sax legend Pete Christlieb


  • Steve Kaldestad Quartet

    Wednesday, January 10, 7-9PM

    Since moving to Vancouver in 2008, Steve Kaldestad has become one of the most in-demand saxophonists on the scene, performing as a sideman with Jesse Cahill’s Nightcrawlers, Jodi Proznick’s quartet, and many other groups. Steve has released 3 CDs on the Cellar Live label to great acclaim including Straight Up featuring the Mike LeDonne Trio and the newest release, New York Afternoon with the Renee Rosnes Trio.

    Jazz pianist & composer Ray Gallon has performed with many of the leading jazz artists, including Ron Carter, Lionel Hampton, Art Farmer, T.S. Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Milt Jackson, Sweets Edison, Wycliffe Gordon, Les Paul, Benny Golson. Frank Wess, Lew Tabakin, George Adams, and the Mingus Big Band. He has performed at most of the major jazz festivals and venues throughout North and South America, Europe, and Japan, and has appeared in gala concerts at the White House and the Kennedy Center. Ray has also accompanied many vocal greats, including Jon Hendricks, Sheila Jordan, Grady Tate, Nnenna Freelon, Gloria Lynne, Dakota Staton, Joe Williams, Chaka Khan, and Jane Monheit.
    In addition, he also leads his own trio, and performs solo concerts.

    Lineup: Steve Kaldestad (tenor sax), Ray Gallon (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Tony Glausi - 2018 Carmine Caruso Trumpet Competition Winner!

    Wednesday, January 3, 7-9PM

    Hailed as "a great writer and a terrific trumpet player" by legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach, and said by renowned jazz artist Dave Douglas to be “one of the finest young trumpeters”, Tony Glausi has established his voice in the music industry as an international award-winning trumpeter, keyboardist, composer, arranger, and producer.
    Among other accolades, Tony won first prize in the 2017 Carmine Caruso International Jazz Solo Competition, first prize in the jazz division of the 2017 ITG International Trumpet Competition, and first prize in the jazz division of the 2014 National Trumpet Competition. Tony has been recognized in two separate issues of Downbeat Jazz & Blues Magazine for outstanding improvised solos and compositions.

    Lineup: Tony Glausi (trumpet), Mark Taylor (alto sax), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)

  • News Flash: Weather forces Michael Van Bebber Quartet Replacement!!

    Wednesday, December 27, 7-9PM

    Seattle weather has persuaded tonight's scheduled quartet not to make the drive. Luckily, we have great players right here in Bellingham willing to fill in! The Julian MacDonough Quartet will feature Julian on drums, Blake Angelos on the keyboard, Kevin Wood's wonderful trumpet and flugelhorn, and a bassist as yet to be determined. Don't let the weather put you off - it will still be a great show!

    Lineup: Kevin Woods (trumpet), Blake Angelos (piano), TBA (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)

  • Saul Cline & Matt Weiner at WJMAC

    Wednesday, December 20, 7-9PM

    A member of the Free Range Saxophone Quartet, Saul Cline covers a lot of ground on sax and clarinet as a freelance musician here in the PNW. He's in good company with bassist Matt Weiner as they swing through for this show. Swing being the operative word, because they will. Julian MacDonough will complete the trio on drums.

    Lineup: Saul Cline (sax & clarinet), Matt Weiner (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)

  • CHANGE UP: Mike Allen Trio AND 3 Trumpets at WJMAC

    Wednesday, December 13, 7-9PM

    Bellingham has long benefitted from its close proximity to to Vancouver, B.C. Having Mike Allen grace the WJMAC stage is a classic example. An artful and melodic composer himself, Mike is also inventive and thoughtful in his exploration of other's compositions. Tonight he is ably assisted by the WJMAC's go-to bassist Michael Glynn, and Julian MacDonough on drums. For the second set, another staunch WJMAC supporter and WWU jazz studies program director, Kevin Woods, will lead a sextet featuring himself, Vern Sielerts, and Jay Thomas on trumpets.

    Lineup: Mike Allen (saxophones), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums); Kevin Woods, Jay Thomas, Vern Sielerts (trumpets)


  • Champian Fulton - from New York!

    Wednesday, December 6, 7-9PM

    Just a month after playing the famous Ronny Scott's in London, Champian hits the WJMAC stage. Called "an assured vocalist with a galvanizing presence" by the New Yorker magazine, she will delight with both her singing and her piano work. Cory Weeds' saxophone will helping propel the session along. The quartet includes Michael Glynn on bass and Julian MacDonough on drums.

    Lineup: Champian Fulton (piano & vocals), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Damani Phillips on Alto Saxophone

    Wednesday, November 29, 7-9PM

    WJMAC brings another performer who speaks to our heart, as Damani Phillips is an educator as well as a player. Dr. Phillips teaches both Jazz Studies and African-American Studies at the University of Iowa. In addition to being in demand as a performer, clinician, and lecturer, he recently published his book What Is This Thing Called Soul: Conversations on Black Culture and Jazz Education. While he has other four recordings of his own as a leader, tonight will be reunited with two of the musicians he recorded with in 2014 on the CD Northwest + 1: Minor Suggestions. Kevin Woods (trumpet) is responsible for bringing Damani together with Julian MacDonough for that recording. John Hansen (piano) and Michael Glynn (bass) complete tonight's quintet.

    Lineup: Damani Phillips (alto sax), Kevin Woods (trumpet/flugelhorn), John Hansen (piano), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Gail Pettis with the Blake Angelos Trio

    Wednesday, November 22, 7-9PM

    Surprise!! If you weren't lucky enough to hear Gail Pettis at Cafe Adagio during our Jazz Walk, you can catch her this week at the Sylvia Center. Blake Angelos will be playing the Sylvia stage for WJMAC for the first time. His lyrical keyboard work is often adventurous and intriguing, but always enjoyable. Julian MacDonough has been the backbone of WJMAC since he conceived the idea more than 4 years ago. His dynamic drumming will be on display. Michael Glynn, of course, our go-to guy for bass, never disappoints. A night to give thanks for all the great music we get.

    Lineup: Gail Pettis (vocals); Blake Angelos (piano), Michael Glynn (bass); Julian MacDonough (drums)



    Thursday, November 16 7-11 pm

    The ticket for this fundraiser for the WJMAC combo classes will provide entry to any/all of the six venues this evening. Two groups will play at each venue. The start times at the venues will be somewhat staggered so patrons can enjoy a performance and walk on to another show. Be sure to show the host sites your appreciation by imbibing what they have to offer. ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT our WJMAC Education Program! Advance tickets at Day of tickets and map to JAZZ WALK at the Sylvia Center, 205 Prospect St, Bellingham, after 5PM.

    Click here for more details

    Lineup: 12 groups will perform. Artists include the great drummer Ari Hoenig, Zoo Patrol, Blake Angelos, Milo Petersen, Joe Doria, Mark Taylor, Dawn Clement, Alicia Dauber, Pace, Kevin Woods, Casey McGill, Gail Pettis, Dan Faehnle, and, of course, Julian MacDonough.

  • Jazz Walk Feature Concert

    Wednesday, November 15, 7-9PM

    While each of these players has dazzled the WJMAC audiences over the last couple of years, tonight's quartet is a unique combination of their talents. Dawn Clement will be coming off a stint as Resident Artist for the 2017 Earshot Jazz Festival. Mark Taylor just burned up the stage here in September. Stalwarts Michael Glynn on bass and Julian MacDonough on drums will be laying down the foundation for the night.

    Lineup: Dawn Clement (piano), Mark Taylor (alto sax), Michael Glynn bass; Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • NYC Trumpeter Joe Magnarelli

    Wednesday, November 8, 7-9PM

    Joe Magnarelli (aka "Mags") has been blowing away audiences in NY City for over 30 years, while frequently touring internationally as well. He's been known to pack Small's in Greenwich Village - a club that has been the source of many great performers for the WJMAC stage. "Magnarelli is a stalwart master of strong, lyrical, straight ahead blowing.” (Downbeart magazine) "Joe Magnarelli has all the essentials one looks for in the best jazz musicians. There's his unshakeable time feel that makes his work vigorous and forward moving. His tone is bold yet breathy, and while it recalls Kenny Dorham's or Donald Byrd's, it's more his own than anyone else's. And he crafts captivating, propulsive improvisations, taking fluid bits of sumptuous melody and edgy statements from the jazz lore and ties them together into long enchanting chains of musical thought." (LA Times) He is accompanied by organist Akiko Tsuruga, a recognized performer and composer in her own right, who calls WJMAC favorite Dr. Lonnie Smith her mentor. Of course, we know Corey Weeds (tenor sax) and Julian MacDonough (drums) will provide solid support and their own bit of color to the evening.

    Lineup: Joe Magnarelli (trumpet & flugelhorn), Akiko Tsuruga (organ), Corey Weeds (tenor sax), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Mike Allen Trio

    Wednesday, November 1, 7-9PM

    Mike Allen has supported WJMAC with his excellent playing repeatedly over the last 3-4 years. While Mike has studied with Joes Lovano and Henderson, he has his own bold and eloquent style. It is always a treat to hear Mike play. A trio setting like this will showcase his talent excellently.

    Lineup: Mike Allen (tenor & soprano sax); Michael Glynn (bass) , Julian MacDonough (drums).


  • Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners Return!

    Wednesday, October 25, 7-9PM

    Whether you call it "vintage jazz" or "trad jazz" or just damn good jazz, this group will make you want to clap your hands and move your feet. The chance meeting between Greg Ruby and Dennis Lichtman ultimately bore fruit in the birth of the Rhythm Runners, a "prohibition era jazz band." If you are an aficionado of music history and just a fan of good jazz, you will love this triangle of musicians from New York, New Orleans, and the PNW. Don't let anything prohibit you from getting to this show. They will heat it up!

    Lineup: Greg Ruby (guitar); Gordon Au (trumpet); Charlie Halloran (trombone); Dennis Lichtman (reeds and mandolin), Jen Hodge (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Pianist Jeremy Kahn

    Wednesday, October 18, 7-9PM

    After a dozen years in NYC, Jeremy Kahn returned to his home turf of Chicago where he has established himself as performer one doesn't want to miss. Chicago Tribune music reviewer Harold Reich can't find enough superlatives to describe Kahn's playing. e.g., "In every selection he played Friday night, Kahn offered a degree of subtlety, elegance, and understatement one does not encounter often enough." or Kahn "makes it look easy, but what he does decidedly is not. The fluidity, sleekness and invention of Kahn’s pianism helps explain why so many vocalists and ensembles seek his contributions." Jeremy will be leading a quartet tonight with Mike Allen manning tenor, Michael Glynn's lovely bass work, and Julian MacDonough on drums.

    Lineup: Jeremy Kahn (piano), Mike Allen (tenor sax), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Jazz Forest, the Ron Jones Big Band, featuring Pete Christlieb

    Wednesday, October 11, 7-9PM

    The return of formerly LA-based Grammy and Emmy nominated composer Ron Jones to the NW allows us to invite his big band, Jazz Forest, to the WJMAC stage. "Jazz Forest is about great musicians, great music that moves the soul and a great night out. . . . When you combine the vital energy of great jazz artists with the expressive power of intelligent and challenging arrangements and compositions you arrive to a new creative landscape. A jazz performance should not be a dry recital of worn ideas and tired forms. Jazz should be alive and full of boundless ideas, boundless energy. A forest is both beautiful and a place of growth and renewal." The excitement Jones brings to the challenge of creative composition will be accelerated tonight by the veteran big band tenor man Pete Christlieb. In addition to stints with Louis Bellson, Woody Herman, Doc Severinsen, and the Tonight Show Band, Pete has nearly two dozen recordings as a leader/co-leader of combos, and many more as a sideman. The WJMAC audience will get to renew their enjoyment of some returning Seattle performers as well. Expect a hot night in our new space!

    Lineup: In addition to Peter Christlieb (tenor sax), Jazz Forest can include Andy Omdahl (trumpet), Brian Monroney/Steve Kirk (guitar); John Hansen (piano), Susan Pascal (vibes), Nate Omdal (bass), Matt Jorgensen (drums), and Bob Rees (percussion)


  • Mike Van Bebber Quintet

    Wednesday, October 4, 7-9PM

    Mike Van Bebber takes the Sylvia Center stage for the first time, but he has pleased WJMAC audiences more than a few times. We are glad to have him back leading a quintet for this show with Jay Thomas spicing things up and the WJMAC house band laying down the foundation.

    Lineup: Mike Van Bebber, Trumpet; Jay Thomas, Reeds; John Hansen, Piano; Michael Glynn, Bass; Julian MacDonough, Drums.

  • Tamir Hendelman Trio

    Wednesday, September 27, 7-9PM

    If you've seen Jeff Hamilton in the last few years, you have probably found yourself digging the pianist, Tamir Hendelman. Tamir has been on that piano bench since 2000. Tonight Tamir returns to WJMAC, fresh from the Monterrey Jazz Festival, heading up his own trio with Alex Frank on bass and Dean Koba on drums. A pianist who is known for playing that is "sensitive, introspective and captivating" (LA Jazz Scene), Tamir is often compared with the great Oscar Peterson, but you will find he deserves plenty of accolades in his own right.

    Lineup: Tamir Hendelman (piano); Alex Frank (bass); Dean Koba (drums)


  • A Quartet of Great Seattle Artists

    Wednesday, September 20, 7-9PM

    WJMAC is so pleased when Mark Taylor and Thomas Marriott take the drive up from Seattle to dazzle our audience with their exciting takes on the jazz idiom. And we would be remiss if we failed to acknowledge the stalwart and creative bassist Michael Glynn, who has made that same drive so many times to anchor the WJMAC house band with drummer Julian MacDonough. We are sure tonight's performance will please anyone with a discriminating taste for good jazz.

    Lineup: Mark Taylor: Alto Sax; Thomas Marriott: Trumpet; Michael Glynn: Bass; Julian MacDonough: Drums


  • Live from NYC Will and Peter Anderson

    Wednesday, September 13, 7-9PM

    The NY Times calls them "saxophone and clarinet virtuosos", but let me warn you. You may think you are seeing double, but you will definitely be hearing more than double when these two get going. Will and Peter are making their second appearance at WJMAC. If you didn't catch them when they were here in the 2015-16 season, you won't want to miss them this time. It's hard to find a review that isn't absolutely glowing. If Quincy Jones can say "you made a 78 year-old ex-be-bopper smile like a fox eatin' sourkraut" what more could we say?

    Lineup: Will Anderson, Peter Anderson (saxophones and clarinet); Julian MacDonough (drums), bass/piano TBA


  • A Tribute to Horace Silver featuring the Kevin Woods Quintet

    Wednesday, September 6, 7-9PM

    WJMAC opens up it's fourth season with a tribute to one of jazz's great players/composers Horace Silver. Starting with Stan Getz around 1950, soon teaming up with Art Blakey to found the collective Jazz Messengers, Silver went on to make his mark in the jazz canon playing and composing many of what make up today's "standards". Tonight that legacy will be represented by the able chops of Kevin Woods on trumpet and Cory Weeds on tenor sax. But that isn't all, the stage will be loaded with great players, because backing up Kevin and Cory will be Tony Foster on piano, Michael Glynn on bass, and Julian MacDonough on drums.

    Lineup: Kevin Woods (trumpet); Cory Weeds (tenor sax); Michael Glynn (bass); Tony Foster (piano); Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Celebrate the completion of WJMAC’s first Summer Jazz Camp with Ben Paterson & Cory Weeds

    Wednesday, July 26, 7-9PM

    Headlining our only summer show is Ben Paterson, the NYC keyboardist who put on a great B3 show for WJMAC earlier this season. Though he hasn't been down in a while, Cory Weeds has been a frequent and favorite visitor to our stage and always keeps it interesting. While the bassist is as yet to be determined, s/he will have to be good to keep up with these guys. WJMAC Artistic Director Julian MacDonough fills out the foursome. Don't miss it!

    Lineup: Ben Patterson, Piano; Cory Weeds, Tenor Sax; TBA, Bass; Julian MacDonough, Drums

  • Arete Quartet

    Wednesday, June 28, 7 pm

    The Arête Quartet describes themselves as a 4-piece “groove-oriented acid jazz ensemble, borrowing from downtempo, straight ahead jazz, funk, nu jazz, Brazilian and other styles.” They put on a great show for WJMAC in August 2015 and we expect no less this time around. The band features Seattleite Joe Doria on keys, Bay Area trumpet Dave Carter, and Bellingham’s own Steve Jones (bass) and Joel Litwin (drums). Clearly eclectic, but at the same time great fun.

    The Graduates – the WJMAC Combo Class students who will be moving on to bigger and better things to study music in college next fall, will perform tonight’s opening set. Come down and give them a good send-off!

    Lineup: Joel Litwin (drums), Steve Jones (bass), Joe Doria (organ/keys), Dave Carter (trumpet)

  • Bill Anschell Quartet

    Wednesday, June 21, 7 pm

    Tonight’s quartet is led by a man the Seattle Times once said “might be the hardest working piano man in Seattle” and even a quick look at his profile on the Origin Records website will confirm that. It’s hard to know what to say about a guy whose works have more than once made a “10 Best” jazz recordings of the year list. Maybe Jazz Times said it best: “No matter where Anschell plays on the keyboard, he sounds like no other pianist.” Or better yet, “Bill Anschell would be a badass wherever he lived . . .” And you won’t be disappointed by the caliber of the musicians he is bringing with him, either.

    Lineup: Bill Anschell (piano); Brian Monroney (guitar); Chris Symer (bass); Brad Boal (drums)


  • Matt Weiner Trio

    Wednesday, June 14, 7 pm

    Whether it’s playing some vintage “high-energy hot jazz” with the Holotradband, the Swing Era repertoire of Casey MacGill’s Blue 4 Trio, or just pairing up with Del Ray on ukulele, you know Matt Weiner will be having a good time on his bass. Matt is “equally at home playing jazz, swing, old time, tango, Brazilian music, an almost anything else”, so the set is wide open but expect a night full of great jazz. Sharing the stage will be the “fluid & feathery tone” of Hans Teuber’s saxophone and Julian MacDonough’s drums.

    Lineup: Matt Weiner (bass), Hans Teuber (reeds), Julian MacDonough (drums)

  • Susan Pascal Quartet

    Wednesday, June 7, 7 pm

    If you heard Susan accompany Greta Matassa either of the times they played Casey’s Sudden Valley Barn shows, you know she is worth a listen all by herself. Susan has many tours across the U.S. and Singapore, performances on film soundtracks, and a range from Jarrett and Corea to Mackelmore and Lewis. Both the Seattle Times and Earshot Jazz call out her hot four-mallet work in fiery terms, while The Stranger says, "Fluid stick work and coherent, compact solos make this vibraphonist a delight." Susan is backed this night by veteran Seattle pianist Marc Seales and bassist Chuck Deardorf, with our own Julian MacDonough on the drums.

    Lineup: Susan Pascal (vibraphone), Marc Seales (piano), Chuck Deardorf (bass), Julian Mac Donough (drums)

    Website:; Marc Seales:;;

  • Kevin Woods CD Release Concert

    Wednesday, May 31, 7 PM

    Kevin Woods is releasing a new CD- Catching Starlight - and we are going to celebrate it! His fifth recording as a leader includes "seven of my original tunes, one tune I co-wrote with a dear, departed friend, and Blues for Wood by jazz master Woody Shaw. Joining me on the album [are] three of my closest buds and favorite musicians". The quartet will be closing out May for WJMAC - a memorable show to help you recover from the Memorial Day weekend. This is a sweet CD, so come get a copy!

    Lineup: Kevin Woods (trumpet), Cole Schuster (guitar), Greg Feingold (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Thomas Marriott with Orrin Evans and Eric Revis

    Wednesday, May 24, 7 pm

    WJMAC can’t really get enough of Thomas Marriott. He played sweet Miles tunes for us back in December, headed up a great group of Seattle artists in January, then burned it up with Dave Gibson in March. Can you imagine what he is going to do playing with Orrin Evans on piano and Eric Revis on bass? Both are prolific composers as well as players. Evans has recorded more than 25 albums as a leader since 1994. Revis has manned Branford Marsalis’s bass chair since 1997 and has led several of his own recording sessions as well. Drummer Ted Poor spent ten years plying his trade in NYC before making his move to Seattle. WJMAC is pleased to have all four showing off their skills for us.

    Lineup: May 24th: Thomas Marriott (trumpet), Orrin Evans (piano), Eric Revis (bass), Ted Poor (drums)


  • Terell Stafford Quintet

    SPECIAL DATE: Tuesday, May 16, 7:30 pm

    Hailed as “One of the great players of our time, a fabulous trumpet player” by none other than jazz paragon McCoy Tyner, Terell Stafford is a great fit for WJMAC because he has carried on the music as the Director of Jazz Studies at Temple University as well. Those who caught his tribute to Lee Morgan last time through can testify to the fact that “he combines a deep love of melody with his own brand of spirited and adventurous lyricism.” In addition to leading his own quintet, Stafford has played in numerous other combos and orchestras under the leadership of players like Tyner, Benny Golson, Jimmy Heath, Jon Faddis, Frank Wess, Kenny Barron, and the Clayton Brothers. WJMAC had to reschedule our regular Wednesday night performance to Tuesday because we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to hear this great musician perform. Mr. Stafford will be ably supported by Steve Kaldestad on saxophone, Miles Black on piano, Greg Feingold on bass, and Julian MacDonough on drums.

    Lineup: Terell Stafford (trumpet), Steve Kaldestad (saxophone), Miles Black (piano), Greg Feingold (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Milo Petersen Trio

    Wednesday, May 10, 7 pm

    Milo is back for your guitar jazz enjoyment. Milo’s background includes studying with Herb Ellis, Tal Farlow, Joe Pass, and Ron Eschete and playing around NYC before returning to the PNW. Last here in early March with a quartet, he has pared down to a trio tonight with Michael and Julian.

    Lineup: Milo Petersen (guitar), Michael Glynn (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • Helen Sung Quartet

    Wednesday, May 3, 7 pm

    If you attended the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra’s concert at the Mt. Baker last October, your good fortune included hearing Helen Sung on piano. If you were really lucky, you were at the Hotel Bellwether when she and a few others from the band dropped in to jam for a bit. If you want to be smart as well as lucky, you won’t miss her here at WJMAC on Wednesday May 3. An aspiring classical pianist before falling in love with Jazz, the Thelonious Monk Institute graduate is emerging as one of the bright stars on today’s jazz scene. Having honed her craft with ensembles ranging from the late Clark Terry’s “Young Titans of Jazz” to the Mingus Big Band to Terri Lyne Carrington’s Grammy-winning Mosaic Project, Sung now leads a band composted of some of this generation’s finest artists: New York-based/New Orleans-influenced fellow composer, John Ellis will be on saxophone; bassist, arranger, and musical director of the Mingus Big Band and Mingus Dynasty and veteran of some 160 jazz recordings, Boris Kozlov, takes the bass; the “sensitive, colorful and innovative” (Drummerworld) drummer Terreon Gully completes the foursome.

    WJMAC would like to thank Steinway & Sons for generously providing tonight’s Steinway B Piano.

    Lineup: Helen Sung (piano), John Ellis (saxophone), Boris Kozlov (bass), Terreon Gully (drums)


  • Kevin Woods plays the music of Kenny Wheeler

    Wednesday, April 26, 7 pm

    Local favorite trumpet/flugelhorn man Kevin Woods has chosen the work of Canadian composer and trumpet/flugelhorn artist Kenny Wheeler as the topic for musical exploration by tonight’s quintet. Not just a wonderful player, Kevin does great work with WJMAC’s Combo Classes and as Director of WWU’s Jazz Studies Program. Since Steve Treseler once shared the stage with Wheeler, he is an apt choice for the saxophone lines. Two-thirds of the 200 Trio, Cole Schuster (guitar) and Greg Feingold (bass), and WJMAC artistic director Julian MacDonough (drums) round out the quintet.

    Lineup: Kevin Woods (trumpet), Steve Treseler (saxophone), Cole Schuster (guitar), Greg Feingold (bass), Julian MacDonough (drums)


  • John Hansen Quartet featuring Kelley Johnson

    Wednesday, April 19, 7 pm

    After his great performance in January, WJMAC immediately rebooked John for a show in March. John was excited to bring vocalist Kelley Johnson with him for that gig. Much to our dismay and the disappointment of many of our regulars, at the last minute, unforeseen circumstances made it impossible for them to be here. So Julian got on the horn and rebooked them for this night. Seattle multi-instrumentalist Jay Thomas says John “is a monster with an uncanny way of playing strong original melodic shapes in a fresh way.” His much-lauded skill as an accompanist will come into play as this time he is leading a quartet featuring vocalist Kelley Johnson. Michael Glynn on bass and Julian MacDonough on drums fill out the card.

    Lineup: John Hansen – piano, Kelley Johnson – vocals, Michael Glynn – bass, Julian MacDonough – drums


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Marina Albero

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Ralph Kolin presents Bellingham’s Own

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